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Question, how can I find the 'Terminal' application?Call a support line if you're still having trouble.Yes, Launchpad is simply an easy way for you to view all of your applications, so the easier way to delete it would be from the 'Applications' Folder in 'Finder'.

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on your keyboard. Your computer will restart, and when it boots back up you should find all your apps available in Launchpad. Place two fingers on the trackpad and

swipe left or right. If there is no X, the app cannot be deleted in Launchpad. Okay #10006, steps 1, in the search bar, search for the application called "Activity Monitor" and open. If you have a lot of applications, you can move from page to page with one of two ways: Use the mouse. As mention above, Launchpad will automatically close when you click on an application. You can also close it by: Clicking anywhere in the background of the screen. Check for any files which have been saved multiple times. Do a four-finger pinch gesture on your trackpad. Press the, launchpad button on your Apple keyboard (look like a 3x2 grid of icons, and is also labeled. Make sure your computer is available on local network, SSH to it (you can use your usual username as login) and enter the command lines starting with Terminal. In terminal, you can do ps a grep. The launchpad icon is a rocket ship in a silver circle. You might consider unpausing all applications at once with 'kill -cont -1'.

Go to Applications or Spotlight, for ask a Question 200 characters left. Which sought to make the desktop more like the iPad. To open an application para from launch pad. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Launchpad helps you open, find, and organize your apps.11/16/2015 Check for paused or stalled downloads.

Force quitting Terminal in activity monitor. M masters pretty sure itapos, t delete much consider buying an external hard drive and transferring data to that. If you want to have all your favorite and most used apps in a certain location in Launchpad.

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It may show as paused and yet have become responsive.How to reset Launchpad on Mac Sometimes after you install a new app (especially third-party apps) you may notice it doesn't show up in Launchpad.Select the search bar at the top center of the Launchpad screen.

Icon in launchpad is paused and grayed out

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Enter the name of the application you wish to find.