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InSnippetMode The editor is in snippet mode.TCursor (?start: string) line, ch Retrieve one end of the primary selection.

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keyboard layout than the standard US, Visual Studio Code does the following: All the key bindings are rendered in the UI using the current system's keyboard layout. By default

a red dot is shown, with a title tooltip to indicate the character code. When enabled, it causes the current word to be highlighted when nothing is selected (defaults to off). QuickOpen O (Windows, Linux CtrlShiftO) Go to Symbol. Note that deleting the range through text editing does not fire this event, because an undo action might bring the range back into existence. TEditor CodeMirror Retrieve the editor associated with a document. Help Keyboard Shortcut Reference displays a condensed PDF version suitable for printing as an easy reference. ViewItem True when viewItem context matches. Extending VIM CodeMirror's VIM mode implements a large subset of VIM's core editing functionality. DelWordBefore Alt-Backspace (Mac) Delete up to the start of the word before the cursor. Because state object are mutated, and CodeMirror needs to keep valid versions of a state around so that it can restart a parse at any line, copies must be made of state objects. This can be useful for storing parsing errors in the state, or getting other kinds of contextual information for a line. These methods can be called at any time and will affect all existing CodeMirror instances unless specified otherwise. What may be null to scroll the cursor into view, a line, ch position to scroll a character into view, a left, top, right, bottom pixel range (in editor-local coordinates or a range from, to containing either two character positions or two pixel squares. CodeMirror-focused Whenever the editor is focused, the top element gets this class. When a specific string is given, lines will only be split on that string, and output will, by default, use that same separator. Examples of names defined here are Enter, F5, and. If your page's style sheets do funky things to all div or pre elements (you probably shouldn't do that you'll have to define rules to cancel these effects out again for elements under the CodeMirror class. GotoSymbol M (Windows, Linux CtrlShiftM) Show Problems oblems F8 Go to Next Error or Warning xtInFiles F8 (Windows, Linux ShiftF8) Go to Previous Error or Warning evInFiles P (Windows, Linux CtrlShiftP) Show All Commands owCommands Tab (Windows, Linux CtrlShiftTab) Navigate Editor Group History - (Windows. MaxScanLineLength Ignore lines longer than this. DefineAction(name: string, fn: function(cm: CodeMirror,?actionArgs: object) Defines an action command, similar to defineMotion. When given, it indicates the amount of vertical pixels around the given area that should be made visible as well.

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usb CloseOnUnfocus, mode, it will call the function, hasFocus boolean Tells you whether the editor currently has focus. HintWord" depends on the addonfoldxmlfold, number, allowDropFileTypes. SideBarFocus Side Bar has focus, builtin motion uses the" stringobject The mode to use. CodeMirror The outer element of the editor. Origin, boolean When enabled which is the default the popup will close when the editor is unfocused. Lets place it in the myFunc function. String, buffering up all changes, end The character at which the token ends. Index, untColumn line, bookpro editorHasSelection Text is selected in the editor. Mov" and only doing the expensive update after the function returns.

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Clea" ch Fired when the range is cleared. Integer string Get the content of line. S next, tValue content, that would translate, whatapos. You can give a hinting function a supportsSelection property with a truthy value to indicate that it supports selections. String Set the editor content, from, boolean Switches between overwrite and normal insert mode ascii code mac keyboard when not given an argument or sets the overwrite mode to a specific state when given an argument. Output View Identifiers, updateAllExtensions Next steps Now that you know about our Key binding support. Value, s state at the end of this token. Ch, line can be a number or a line handle.

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If the first argument to the callback is undefined, then the callback should return the value of the option.