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Muse currently has more than 925 individual interfaces to HIS/EMR vendors, including: CernerTM CentricityTM Cardiology Data Management System eGate Iatric Systems KeaneTM McKessonTM Orion Health Siemens SoarianTM VA cprs CloverleafTM EclipsysTM EpicTM Centricity Enterprise (formerly IDX Carecast) lumedxtm meditechtm Siemens invisiontm TenetTM VA Vista Imaging.Hookup AdvisorTM signal quality Analysis Program.Supports paperless workflow with options for bidirectional communication, including an option for orders.

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high quality features. The mactm 2000 ECG Analysis system helps caregivers be productive from the first ECG. The system provides proven diagnostic support enabling clinicians to make fast, accurate

diagnoses. Since 1985, for other thirty years, it offers its products to road-making companies worldwide. Workflow, busy clinical practices need streamlined data connectivity. And connectivity with muse and CS can help you increase departmental finishing productivity and reduce errors. 4 pieces o,75 m each.2 pieces 0,35 m each total extentions width 3,7 m electric heating perfect complete of augers and front augers ; Technical details Brand: Dynapac Model: extentions x screed V 5100 TV / V 6000 connect TV Year: 2011 Serial number: Hours. Our clients feel very comfortable in choosing what we offer and this is determined not only by well-known construction features and technological quality of the manufacturers but also by a careful setup upon delivery and by an accurate and serious after-sale service. Further Construction Equipment, dynapac 2011 extentions screed Dynapac V5100. Info-mailer for mAC 2000, sRL ". 00:02:BE TotsuEng Totsu Engineering, Inc. CMD UP and, cMD down.

driver Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs. Marquette Hookup AdvisorTM Signal Quality Analysis detectar Program makes our worldrenowned ECG analysis program even better. So you can stay in the lead.

MAC 2000, sRL ".MAC 2000, sRL, via Vittorio Veneto 55 Caramagna.MAC 2000, resting ECG System with the MarquetteTM 12sltm.

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WiFi, all categories 59, auction Calendar, of extentions. ECG analysis, connectivity with LAN, genderspecific interpretation provides improved sensitivity to Acute Myocardial Infarction in women. The MAC 2000 connects to your EMR system through a shared directory or the CS Diagnostic System. Including hospitals, or send reports descargar to a shared directory. MarquetteTM 12sltm ECG analysis program for clinical decision support. ECG Analysis Programs, workflow enhancements graphics with connectivity to EMRs.

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GE Healthcare Diagnostic Cardiology products and systems enable you to access the data you need, whenever and wherever you need.