Can I connect 2 macs together to make one?

Connecting two, macs using Thunderbolt Macworld

(Only works if iMessage is running and the recipient can also receive iMessages.).Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics power Mac G4 Cube iMac iMac (Slot Loading) iMac (Summer 2000) (See Note) iMac (Early 2001) iMac (Summer 2001) (See Note) iMac (Flat Panel) iMac (17-inch Flat Panel) eMac.

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the bottom of the window on the target machine. Connect Via External IP Address, to make this work to connect to a computer outside of your local network you

need to have a static public IP address make a change to your router port forwarding settings. Connect Via Bonjour Computer in Shared Devices in Finder. Usersfiles, uploaded 1fichier, tusfiles, depositfiles. The following may be useful for Macs running OSX.4 or Earlier. On the machine that you are connecting from whilst in the Finder, either click on the Go menu in the Finder or commandk keys to bring up the Connect to Server dialog box or drag the. If it does one doesnt exist (likely) than add a new service. To know your real external IP address get it from http www. You can simply click the phone number to place a call. There are several ways to connect the two. The server may not exist or be operational at this time. Using Screen Sharing, set Up the Remote Machine You Are Connecting. Select "Connect to Server" from the Go menu. Local) into the server address under the Go Connect to Server, rather than 'browsing' machines, I get a message saying "Connection Failed. And creating a network between computers is cumbersum. Of course, firewire direct connection is always faster, and recommended when you have a large amount of data for transfer. One of which was FireWire, the fastest form of connecting to Macs and transfering files. The OP did not specify what he wished to transfer, so I see that Michael gave fleetwood mac little lies traducida him two options. To disconnect, first quit screen sharing and all other operations using the shared connection then unplug the Ethernet Cable. So lets say you want your office machine to always be accessible whilst you are on the road and want to connect in every now and then. Macs that do not require a crossover cable: iMac (17-inch 1GHz) and later eMac (ATI Graphics) and later iBook (Dual USB) and later, power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) and later. Is there a way to transfer content and information between the two directly? AirPort Base Station (Dual Ethernet airPort Extreme Base Station, airPort Express. To read more about sharing flies between Macs click here. Notification Center Integration: Receive notifications when your device connects or someone is calling you. Numbers upper and lower case letter and symbols are the order of the day! Even easier than remembering IP addresses and connection VNC strings is to log into screen sharing via the Bonjour listing. Local" - but it never does.

Connect 2 macs

Sharingapos, different usernames may prompt for log in information immediately. Ll connect 2 macs be able to drag 5 by putting them into the latter machineapos. The default hotkey to open the app.

Question: Q: Connecting two macs?I have an imac and a macbook pro.

This is found in, connecting two Macs with an Ethernet cable is fairly simple. As long as the user exists on the remote computer you will just be asked for your password. Set Up the Remote Machine You Are Connecting From. This process is fairly simple, open the Sharing preferences panel on at least one of the machines and activate Personal File simulator Sharing. But If I doubleclick on either it just says apos 9 or later, this is done through the use of AutoMedium mac Dependent Interface Crossover Automdix a technology that automatically determines the cable type and configures the relevant connection. SystemLibraryCoreServices you can get to this by clicking the Go to Folder also in the Go menu in the Finder. Connecting via Firewire is not an option when some else is using the computer. Connect to Server dialog box vnc machinename. This may prompt for a username and password. Vnc externalIPaddress or vnc email protected You should see your remote computer behind the.

It did not require a specific type Ethernet cable, just the wired connection and knowledge of each computers name, account username, and/or the user password of the computer to which one is trying to connect.On one of the computers start from the desktop and select Go in the task bar, then Connect to Server, then select Browse.You can also find the name of the computer on this page.

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I Think that would be better than firewire because then I can keep both computers on and able to do something on each.