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Installation can take a little bit, strongly depending on your Internet speed.App contents/SharedSupport/g well then proceed to attach this disk image and at the same time: Well tell the system to hide the content of this disk from Finder with: -nobrowse.

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devices like for example Windows computers, certain Android devices, etc. As long as you didnt erase the drive or delete any user accounts yourself, all user accounts, installed applications

and user data will be preserved, and only Mac OS X system software and system files will have been reinstalled without touching anything else on the. Step 3 Configure smbup Now keep in mind, this is the short and quick version. I will put the whole list of commands at the end of this article, but I will explain every line to make it clear whats going. Done Summary of the commands The image is ready to use in VirtualBox. Create ISO disk To use the installer in VirtualBox we need to convert our disk to iso, otherwise you would receive an verr_NOT_supported error. Obviously the versions of OS X will vary depending on what came with the Mac, and what the Mac is currently running. Restart the VM At the end of the installation gopro mac the system will shut down. When reinstallation completes, the Mac will reboot itself again as normal, and youll be presented again with the typical login screen associated with OS X log in to your user account as usual and everything should be in order, complete with a new install. System Halted, that you can see if you selected EFI support for your Virtual Machine). Youll also want to set aside at least an hour or two to complete this process, the exact time it takes depends on the speed of the internet connection in use, and the speed of the Mac. Lets copy it, preserving the property of the files (mode, ownership,timestamps) with the parameter -p and copying the directories recursively -r : At the end of this the Pakages folder should be back in place (but como ver tv en vivo en mi mac for real this time, not anymore as a link). The main problems with AFP, an Apple product, would be that even Apple is abandoning it, and you cant simply browse for a share in for example Kodi/xbmc. I wanted to describe this because the information available are often confused, missing and too many times they require the download of extra software or installer (generally to avoid the very common issue where the uefi Interactive Shell is displayed or the text Fatal: no bootable. Click Manage Users and select the user youd like to add. 129, if youre a, mac user, and youre enjoying the newer MacOS. SMB is a network protocol, commonly know as Microsoft Windows Network. When you see the Otilities menu, you should connect the Mac to the internet however you normally do this is required* to download the OS X installer app: For wi-fi connections, go to the upper right corner of the screen and pull down the wireless. The installer must download from Apple for this to work. Once installation is completed, click Configure Shared Disks. To convert our dmg disk in iso well use again the hdiutil tool with the command convert : The format well use is: udto DVD/CD-R master for export: The generated file will contain the extra extension cdr that we need to remove if we want. The first message will state that Samba is not yet installed. So Im leaving that behind as an option as well. It is a command used to manipulate disk images and you can find detailed about this command here:. Works for macOS Sierra as well.

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Click on the disk icon at the right of Optical Drive and this time select Remove Disk from Virtual Drive. Reboot the Mac and hold down the CommandR keys until you see the loading screen to signify you are entering into System Recovery. This is exactly where smbup comes in play it does it all for you. Locate and select the iso we created in the previous chapter o At this point press OK and we are ready. For me its to share files with family. If interested you can read how for macOS Mojave and. Or to share media mac os x high sierra root files with. We want now to create a new image. Click the CD icon on the right and pick the Choose Virtual Optical Disk File from the menu that will popup.

Click Continue, once the Mac is connected to the internet. Rtualbox, booting into Recovery mode to reinstall the system software. And mac unzip the downloaded file simply open. And it works great, ill show you how to quickly get started with a working Samba implementation. And more Finally start the installation procedure selecting your language. However configuration got me confused initially. In this article, stone your Mac will extract it for you. With xmbcKodi as a client on an Android device.

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