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If the CG is aft of the neutral point it results in: a) increased stability with increased elevator trim b) Decreased stability with decreased elevator trim c) Neutral stability d) Longitudinal instability - Correct, longitudinal Stability, if the aeroplane is neutrally stable this would suggest.The arm is the horizontal distance from the reference datum to the center of gravity (CG) of an item.It is sometimes necessary to determine the location of the CG in inches from the datum when its location in percent MAC is known.

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same way. If the centre of gravity of an aeroplane moves forward during flight the elevator control will: a) become heavier making the aeroplane more difficult to manoeuvre

in pitch - Correct b) become lighter making the aeroplane more difficult to manoeuvre in pitch c) become heavier. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the aircraft may not be able to achieve or sustain controlled, level flight. Formula for determining the CG expressed in percent MAC. Subtract lemac from the CG location. A) The need to minimise drag forces and so improve efficiency b) Location of the undercarriage c) The need to maintain a low value of stalling speed d) Elevator and tail-plane (horizontal stabiliser) effectiveness in all flight conditions - Correct. A lightweight pilot takes off with maximum baggage allowed in a baggage compartment located aft of the rotor mast. CG forward of forward limit edit A forward CG may occur when a heavy pilot and passenger take off without baggage or proper ballast located aft of the rotor mast. The manufacturer also provides information facilitating the calculation of moments for fuel loads. The location of the CG expressed in percent MAC is determined using the formula found in Figure 3-18. The MAC is the chord drawn through the geographic center of the plan area of the wing. An aft CG condition can be recognized by the pilot when coming to a hover following a vertical takeoff. In an emergency, an aircraft may choose to land overweight, but this may damage it, and at the very least an overweight landing will mandate a thorough inspection to check for any damage. As to the forward.g. Usually listed in the aircrafts tcds when it is required for weight and balance computations, the MAC is established by the manufacturer, defining its leading edge (lemac) and trailing edge (temac) in terms of inches from the datum. The weight acts in a direction: a) always parallel to the aeroplane's vertical axis b) parallel to the gravity vector - Correct Loads must be adequately secured in order to: a) allow steep turns b) avoid any centre of gravity (cg) movement during flight c). Thus for tailed aircraft the.g. The centre of gravity of an aeroplane is at 25 of the Mean Aerodynamic Chord. Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC the width of the wing, or straight-line distance from the leading edge to the trailing edge, on an airplane is known as the chord.

The center of gravity for the airplane is shown as an arm measured in inches. G Moment is also referred to center as the tendency of an object to rotate or pivot about a point the zero point of the datum. While loading the aircraft with passengers. In this case, which of the following statements is correct. In small and thus light airplanes the weight of the pilot is a large percentage of the allup weight. Though, overweight operations are not permitted with passengers aboard. A Be caused by the CG towards the forward limit b Be caused by the CG at the aerodynamic centre of the aircraft Correct c Be totally unrelated to the position of the CG d Cause the CG to move. The MAC length in inches and the location of the lemac in inches from the datum. You need enough to get the nose up in landing 9 inches aft of the datum. Consequently, all weight and balance information includes two items.

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The calculation of which involves a complicated mathematical process which these same persons would probably prefer not getting into. Mean Aerodynamic Chord MAC a specific chord line of a tapered center wing. G G, and stability decreasing as the CG moves aft. If the item is added the vehicle. The aircraft would have no tendency to rotate nose up or nose down. This position is defined as a distance from the reference datum and is found in the aircraftapos. For the airplane in Figure 440. As a formula, in order to findthe percent MAC. If the item represents 10 of the new total weight the.

3 Adjusting CG within limits edit The amount a weight must be moved can be found by using the following formula shift dist (total weight * cg change) / weight shifted Example: 1500lbs *.9in 50,850 moment (airplane) 100lbs * 84in 6800 moment (baggage).4 5 CG factors for transport aircraft CG of components and systems CG range of typical transport aircraft The Operational CG Range is utilized during take off and landing phases of flight and the Permissible CG Range is utilized during ground operations (i.e.

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An example might be an aircraft being ferried over a very long distance with extra fuel aboard.