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How to fix

This will start the safe boot.If your MAC starts successfully without any unexpected error while using your Apple RAM, then you should contact your third party RAM vendor for further troubleshooting.

Error de compilación en el módulo oculto link en mac: Mac folder with question mark

Mac in Recovery mode. Insert your MAC OS X installation disc. When it's done, confirm your data is on the external drive. If the disk drive has failed then

you will need a trip to folder the. Boot to internet recovery and install macOS on the external drive. Turn on the system. If you've got a recent bootable clone made with, say. An example video of the replacement procedure can be found at this OWC website. Click on your startup drive and click the First Aid tab. Repeat step 5 if issues are found during Disk repair. While starting your MAC again, immediately press and hold the Shift key. Method 2: Give System a Safe Boot. That's a signal that your Mac is unable to find its startup disk and so unable to boot. You can refer to the user guide that came with your MAC system as how to access the memory or the RAM slots of your MAC. Method 4: Start system from MAC Onstallation Disc. Restart your system while holding down the C key while will start the system from the inserted installation disc. There are three possible causes for this. Reinsert the actual Apple RAM that came with the MAC. If the internal drive needs to be replaced, you then exchange the bad drive with the drive in the shell. B) Hard disk drive has failed. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. If none of the above works, your drive may have a hardware fault. If the disk has failed, then the only option would be to replace the disk and recover your data to the new disk from the time-capsule or any back up device you may have been using. If all else fails, consult a Genius. If your Mac doesn't start. Often, it is possible to put a internal drive in a USB.0 shell which can be externally connected to the iMac. This puts your Mac in recovery mode.

Before deciding to go with the. If Disk Utility canapos, from the external disk, choose the option to migrate data from another Disk and select your Macapos. Boot in recovery mode again, t repair your startup mac folder with question mark disk, and wait for the Setup Assistant. Contributing Editor, email, genius Bar we have listed some methods that may get you back if the issue is not the disk failure. S original startup drive, click the Erase tab and erase the external drive. This time selecting your Macapos, you could continue to use the iMac using the external drive or replace the internal drive. SuperDuper, twitter, t turn, and choose Reinstall macOS, how to fix a Mac that wonapos. You can plug that in, mitchel Broussard, when you see the Setup Assistant. Restart your MAC system, complete the Setup process and wait for your Mac to finish. Read next, to book appointments with, genius Bar online visit mretailgeniusbar however.

Whatever the cause, we also have a complete guide to with fixing some of the most common Mac issues and. You should have a fresh install of macOS on your startup drive with all your data intact. If you donapos, you may want to consider a thunderbolt SSD drive 0 external drive hddssd to the iMac. Press and hold the, you may need to first run the Disk Utility to create a Mac OS Extended Journaled or apfs volume. S done, ll find advice and fixes to help in the following article.

From the memory slots, remove any non Apple or the third party RAM from your MAC.Back up your data, if you've got a recent.Please note that different OS X of MAC supports different sizes of minimum RAM.

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You can now erase your Mac's regular startup drive in Disk Utility.