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Folders: If there are specific folders you work from on a regular basis, the application you create with Automator can open them in Finder windows.Button to add an application or folder to the list of Finder items.You can also use Automators ability to record what youre doing to build a workflow skeleton that you can tweak to meet your needs.

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expected, you can save it as an application. Select File, Save, and then enter a name for the service. Recorded Automator tasks tend to need a lot of

work to get them running without a hitch, but theyre a good starting point for creating your own workflows. If the task you need to automate isnt in the list of built-in actions, you can add your own scripts, such as AppleScript and JavaScript scripts, and shell commands to your workflow. By the way, if youd like to explore how Terminal can be used to create scripts, the Rocket Yard has a two-part introduction to the Macs Terminal app that you can check out. 01 of 03, open Applications and Folders, screen shot courtesy of Coyote Moon, Inc. (The completed resize images workflow Can take either a single file or a folder full of images, make a copy of them to make sure the originals are unchanged, and then resize the copies, leaving the newly resized images in a specified folder.) Launch Automator. When you find yourself performing the same task over and over on your Mac, you may wish some developer somewhere would code up a nice little app to make your job a bit easier. Other Lookup Services By just changing the entry in the Run AppleScript action, you can change the site used to look up information. Were going to use Automator to create two different types of workflows. So, were going to start our look at how to automate tasks on the Mac with Automator. Actions are a single step that Automator can perform, such as Open Finder Item, Search Spotlight, or Speak Text. Automator is an often overlooked utility that lets you build workflow assistants that can take repetitive tasks and automate them for you.

When one action outputs files and the next inputs horteras text. Variables are holders of information findit such as Current Day. Or Operating System Version, for example, and it opens to an existing workflow.

To create an, automator workflow, you choose the type of workflow you want, and then add actions.In the, automator app on your.Mac, choose, file New.

Launch Automator and select Services as the format for your new workflow. Make sure Actions is selected at the top of the sidebar. Site Size, the workflow you created will be maca run and a popup window should open with information about Automator from the Wikipedia website.

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Doing More With Automator Automator can do a lot more than what we showed you here; it can build very complex workflow apps that can simplify your work processes.