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Stills Color Positive, polaroid 600, i tested the plugin on a Boxx workstation with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, using footage from a music video I recently shot with a Sony F55.By Michael McGlinn, fujifilm X-H1 T3, FJ 8553.Follow a year long journey of writing, recording, and touring and see what 'Waves' means to Alex.

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arri Alexa, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, the Blackmagic Pocket Camera, the Canon 1DC, the Canon 5D Mk II and Mk III, the Canon 6D, the Canon 550D/T2i, the Canon

600D/T3i, the Canon 7D/60D, the Canon C100 and C300, the Canon. If you end up installing a lot of different camera profiles and want to weed out a few, you can manually delete them from the installation folder found here: /Library/Application Support/RubberMonkey/Profiles From a workflow point of view its definitely best to set up the plugin. These arent exactly oranges to oranges comparisons though. Colour Correction allows you to adjust the image via three colour corrector wheels and a slider for saturation. But no matter how good the lighting or how large the cameras sensor, the look of digital footage can leave a lot to be desired. Just download the free trial and apply the license key. If youve got it set to a scale lower than 100 it wont appear as grainy as it really if it is, or if your viewer is set to above 100 it will seem grainer, because its being artificially enlarged in your viewer. Stills Color Negative, fujicolor Pro 400H, Fujicolor Pro 160s, Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400, Kodak Portra 400. Levels graphs, showing luminosity distribution for 6 squares from a MacBeth chart. This is where a film look plug-in comes in handy. You can export these as 16, 17, 32, 33 or 64 point LUTs. To the left you will see the proxy window, and to the right, the Image Controls. They have shot several example scenes and charts with a Red One and an Arri 435 loaded with various film stocks. Right click on the effect name in the Effects Control Panel and hit Save Preset Id recommend giving it either a detailed descriptive name based on the settings inside FilmConvert, or a creative look style name like Warm Contrast Super Grain. The company's engineers shot source charts with many different digital cameras, including different picture profiles for each, and then shot the same same charts with various film stocks. This cant be overstated. Open up Photoshop and import some media. Stills Color Transparency, fuji Astia, Fuji Provia, Fuji Velvia. The plugin seems very responsive and renders fast. Presets can be used in a drag and drop fashion and adjusted per clip if you need. The Film Stocks page on the FilmConvert site will guide you through each of the emulated film stocks. This isnt really a tip, more an observation which Charles Yeager mentioned in his film on Film Emulation plugins, the look of film stocks is often much more desaturated than were used to now with digital. The grain is sourced from real film stocks scanned at 6K and available in a variety of different frame sizes from Super 8 to full frame 35mm. In the timeline select a clip to loop and press X to set in and out points around it, then hit ShiftK to turn on looping, then hit spacebar to start playback. Koji is a film emulation system but has a much less intuitive interface (its based on film colour timing, rather than digital colour grading) although it does support many more film stocks from Kodak and Fuji Film. I was most impressed with how FilmConvert processes color, producing a very organic look.

As the original look of the stock carpeta and the grain will take you a good long way towards a nice filmic look. This might mean that you dont need to tweak very much in the plugin. Especially on lower bit depth footage.

Create the romance of film on your next digital video using.FilmConvert plugin for, premiere Pro After Effects.

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Finer adjustments can be made by holding down CMD when clicking and dragging sliders. Otherwise you will have to table set up camera profile from scratch each time. You can still get excellent results with a similar profile from the same camera Manufacturer. The key to getting good results is always to know before you start what kind of look will fit your story. When I first installed the plugin and realised there werent any camera profiles installed with. Delivering very pleasing results, on the plus side the plugin did seem to auto update inside Premiere when I installed camera profile with Premiere open the whole time so the process is fairly efficient. These tell the plugin how to best match the response curves of the film stocks they have emulated to the digital picture profile of the camera of the footage you are working with. Which would be pretty inefficient, the quality of the various film stock presets was impressive.

Personally I liked to knock the graininess back by about.Compared to a simple LUT its apparent that all the work that has gone on behind the scenes to map the film stocks to the camera specific picture profiles has done a great job of emulating the look and feel of real film.As digital camera technology advanced from high definition to 4K and above, with 24p native frame rates and larger sensors, we have moved much closer to this ideal.

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The latest additions include the Sony F5, Sony a6300 and the ursa Mini.6k cameras.