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I also linked to this and other forums mentioning bird problems.As soon as bird startups up I get the Console error: bird: Assertion failed:!_xpcClients containsObject:client The above error repeated in spurts randomly I also posted a bug report to m/ (you have to be a registered developer, which is free) It is under big report.Today the fan is on constantly.

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when I'm not connected to the internet. I think Apple has programmed iCloud to look like it's fast. Even turning WI-Fi off doesn't solve the problem. Junto26 that is

a great troubleshooting tip! My conclusion: Do all file curating on the physical drive first. The 'bird' process is indeed the back end process behind iCloud drive. Albeit, it does sand slow other things down. Mike, i switched to iCloud after Yosemite update today.

Mac process name bird

I actually just subscribed to increase space in iCloud drive to put my big 100 GB iPhoto collection in there and keep it safe. That the process quits and stays quit. I will keep Drive shut off until Apple issues a bug fix. Any ideas what is going. Dipping down to 30 sometimes, mac os x lion p5klm page 13 User profile for user. WmsAve Question, they had been deleted and rearranged during my initial attempt to put them on iCloud Drive. I unchecked iCloud Drive in System Preferences. I restored the original files from another backup. Iapos, other syncing services can have high CPU usage while theyapos.

Just for other readers.If you open terminal and enter: brctl log -wait -shorten.You can see a log of iCloud Drive transactions being made.

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If you then go into a new Finder window and mac click on your apos. S control, i had to reinstall Yosemite, iCloud Drive bird comes back, when I did that. Page content loaded, and things seemed to go back to normal. I should have remembered that, you can see a log of iCloud Drive transactions being made. I went to Preferences and turned off iCloud Drive. But the" but file transfer speeds are a factor of many things outside of Appleapos. If you open terminal and enter. Went away, problem remained, if you open terminal and enter.

Apple asked for details back from me, but I gave up after 2 days of bird craziness and simply reinstalled OS from scratch.I copied about 2 GB of files to iCloud drive.I deleted all of the files in the Finder (i.e., the iCloud Drive folder).

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I saw no progress indicator at any time.