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Matt, I don't use a Mac, but I have seen Mac port of Nedit on the Web.It's a fork of the now-defunct Smultron editor.

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Like TextWrangler and gedit, Fraise is a nice lightweight text editor that's pleasant to use. Broadly speaking, Web page editors can be broken down into the following 2 categories

: wysiwyg Editors. Others are geared more towards Web languages like html, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and have built-in shortcuts for quickly typing html tags, ada CSS properties, and. With a few keystrokes, you can do things in a few seconds that would take minutes with other editors. This is all due to vim's Unix heritage, from the days when there were no such things as windows mac and mice. To post responses you need to be a member. Despite its lack of Web-specific functions, it's still lovely to use for Web coding TextWrangler from Bare Bones Software is very much a general-purpose text editor, so it doesn't have much in the way of Web-specific features, and there's no auto-completion. Notepad is a beefed-up replacement for Notepad on Windows. This is handy if you need to dip into a particular element's markup. Html Toolkit extension, which has some lovely features like closing tag auto-complete, CSS image preview, and instant Lorem Ipsum generation with a few keystrokes. To really get the most out of Komodo, though, I recommend installing the. It features syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and is particularly suited to html and CSS editing, with built-in functionality for: Code beautification with html Tidy Browser previews Conversion of formatted text from and to html, and Conversion of CSS files from formatted to inline (and vice-versa). Komodo Edit lets you preview your pages in any installed browser, or use the built-in browser in a split view so you can edit and preview at the same time. This lets you edit the full page source, like a text editor. « Prev, next ». It farms people for data and feeds off reactionary content igniting polarised discussions. Its no news pro developers use MacBooks for years now, but the way Apple is approaching innovation may bring a change.

IT eBooks Group, it also has 3 editing modes. If youapos, sftp and archivo swf para mac ftps, itapos, it autocompletes both CSS and html. A file comparison tool Builtin download video editor movavi mac html Tidy functionality Keyboard shortcuts for previewing in major browsers PSPad is another generalpurpose Windows text editor with lots of useful functions for html and CSS coders Like Notepad.

S your favourite editor from the list 1 Tse Pro shareware from Semware m it guide existed since the Dos days and the interface hasnapos. AngularJSbased applications are meant to be install developed in testdriven manner. As every pro Web designer knows. Since we are talking about editors.

Support for snippets for quickly entering html tags and CSS properties.So why use it?Not a member yet?

10 Fantastic Free Web Page Editors

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Very similar in appearance to Aptana, but not based on Eclipse - so it's very stable and fast.